B Wine Club

What It Comes From

The B Wine Club of Baracchi Winery, was born from the idea of wanting to share the dedication and love of our family towards the world of wine, towards the territory of Cortona and the history of this nectar that has its roots in Tuscany since antiquity.

What Is It

A club for wine lovers, but also for those who come to this world for the first time; a direct line that unites the producer to the final consumer, offering a series of exclusive advantages dedicated to him.

Who Is It For

To all those who wish to have a different, deeper and more emotional approach to our world of wine. To connoisseurs and beginners, to travelers, to food lovers. To those who are finally looking for the taste of bien vivre.

Your Benefits

  • to have a 20% discount on all wines on your first purchase using the code WELCOME;
  • to buy all our wines with reserved prices;
  • to subscribe special box offers;
  • to access to special vintages bottles purchase;
  • to participate in events and dedicated evenings with special conditions;
  • to have dedicated rates for Baracchi Hotels and Restaurant;
  • to be updated about all the activities, events and news of the Baracchi world.