Wine Experiences

Winemaker, is a word of many meanings and many jobs.

It could be defined as a skilled master who coordinates a working group made up of people who perform different roles within the same winery. Someone who creates that indispensable trait d’union between the different forces in action. A good winemaker must always have a 360 ° view in order to calibrate every intervention and every choice according to a specific goal.



Wine therapy, wine is always a great gift idea.

Ovid sang of its healing properties, Cleopatra used it as a base for massages. A detoxifying, tonic, aesthetic bio-activator, grapes and wine have always been precious allies of health and beauty. Thanks to the combined action of antioxidant polyphenols and revitalizing vitamins that fight free radicals, wine, must and pomace concentrate are used in our Rituals.



In the kitchen! Delight with wine and fun!

Our cooking courses are the best way to get to know Tuscan cuisine, moments of fun and pure passion to make the most exquisite and typical recipes of our territory, using genuine and seasonal ingredients. Complete courses or a simple lesson, are always paired with our delicious wines. During the lessons, complete menus are prepared from appetizers to desserts. You can also organize themed menus, like pastas, breads, or a Sunday brunch. Whether it be Game, Vegetarian cuisine or even Vegan cuisine, we’ll organize it with you. Our cuisine is made in such a way that all participants will be invited to test everything themselves and it will not only be a moment of vision, but of passionate sharing.


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